What is the Human Ecology Ring?

Our ring has been a national symbol of Human Ecology and Home Economics across Canada since 1967, where it was first instigated by home economics students at the University of Saskatchewan. If you are interested in purchasing or replacing a ring, see below for details.

The ring is traditionally made of yellow gold to represent the warmth of home and family. To represent the uniqueness of individuals, white gold may also be used. The ring serves as a unifying force within the profession to increase professional pride and act as tangible proof of the ideas and ethics of our profession.

The ten facets of the ring represent the diversity of the field of home economics/human ecology. The circular form upon which the facets are located represents the necessity of union of all areas to fulfill our purpose of promoting the health and welfare of community, family, and home.

It is worn on the pinky finger of the working hand. Anyone with a valid degree in Home Economics or Human Ecology is eligible to receive the ring.

The ring is presented by a Professional Home Economist at a ceremony during which the national ring pledge is recited in unison by all participants receiving the ring.

The pledge to be said upon receipt of the professional ring is as follows:

In accepting this ring as a symbol of our profession, I pledge:

  • to demonstrate my competence in the body of knowledge unique to my facet of Human Ecology;
  • to further the development of human potential through working in conjunction with other disciplines;
  • to help families and individuals realize a more satisfying life; and
  • to live more creatively in a changing world.

Purchasing Home Economics/Human Ecology Rings

Rings are available in yellow gold or white gold, and in 14 karat or 18 karat options. Please note prices vary depending on the price of gold. Please contact the MAHE office directly to receive ordering information.

When placing the ring order, you will need proof of graduation from Human Ecology, Home Economics or a related program and the ring size of the working hand pinky finger.