HomeFamily.net is a website project of the Association that has roots in Saskatchewan but a reach around the world today. The mandate of the site is to provide current home economics information of interest to consumers in Canada, and specifically on the Prairies.

In the late 1990’s the Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists (ASHE) created a website to honour the work of long time Western Producer columnist, Emmie Oddie, upon her retirement. Funds donated by readers and home economists across Canada have supported the site ever since though the Emmie Oddie Website Fund at the Canadian Home Economics Foundation/CHEF. ASHE transitioned the site to MAHE in 2011 and it was given a new look. Over time, much of the still-valuable content of the original website was moved to the new one and more content was added by local Professional Home Economists.

In 2020-2021, the site was significantly redeveloped in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to add new resources on food safety, nutrition and food preparation information with articles to help build local food systems and stretch budgets further. HomeFamily.net is a resource for individuals seeking accurate, practical information, as well as agencies serving vulnerable families in Manitoba as a tool for improving the quality of life for their clients. This work was made possible by funding from the Governments of Canada and Manitoba through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program.


The Farm to School Manitoba Program promotes and supports the use of local agricultural products, nutrition, food skills development, and learning resources for youth. Farm to School was started by MAHE in 2010 as an alternative fundraising option for Manitoba schools and licensed daycares. Learn more at farmtoschoolmanitoba.ca.

There are two key partners involved in the Farm to School Program:

  • The Province of Manitoba
  • The Manitoba Association of Home Economists

Their collaboration and shared commitment to providing healthy, local food choices to families across the province is what makes this great project possible.

Province of Manitoba

The Province provides not only funding to this project but also valuable links, ideas and resources to support the development and widespread distribution of this project.

Manitoba Association of Home Economists (MAHE)

MAHE is providing the development and coordination of the overall program. All resources, forms and support materials are produced by MAHE. MAHE also connects with an Advisory Committee that provides additional insight and information.

The Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is made up of other organizations that also have an interest and commitment to providing healthy, local options to Manitobans. These organizations have been a great sounding board and have provided valuable feedback throughout the  development of this project. The Advisory Committee includes:

  • The Manitoba Association of Parent Councils
  • Food Matters Manitoba
  • The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba
  • Buy Manitoba
  • Manitoba Food Banks Association


In 2014, MAHE initiated Local Veggie Day to celebrate Manitoba vegetables and kick off the annual campaign season.

Local Veggie Day 2014

Sharon Blady (Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors), Adriana Barros (Farm to School), Debora Durnin-Richards (MAHE Past President), Lindsey Mazur (Farm to School Liaison)

MAHE and the Farm to School Vegetable Fundraiser program celebrated the first Local Veggie Day in Manitoba September 18, 2014. Local Veggie Day supports the importance of healthy eating, sustainable local agriculture and the practice of Home Economics. Professional Home Economists help families improve their quality of life by teaching skills required to grow, cook, and preserve locally sourced vegetables.

Local Veggie Day 2017

Farm to School Coordinator, Chinweoke Asagwara, speaking at the 2017 Local Veggie Day event.

Local Veggie Day 2018

News Coverage: Make Sure to Eat Your Greens (The Metro, Sept 2018)

Local Veggie Day 2019

Local Veggie Day 2020

Local Veggie Day 2021

Photo by Jillian Einarson-Smith.

2021 Local Veggie Day proclamation signing at the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre, with the Honourable Ralph Eichler, Minister of Agriculture and Resource Development. Holding Proclamation is Kristen Matwychuk, PHEc and Tracey Drabyk-Zirk, PHEc.

Local Veggie Day 2022

2022 Local Veggie Day Proclamation