Become a Professional Home Economist (PHEc) and enjoy the Right to Title.

Professional Home Economists proudly abide by a Code of Professional Conduct which shows you are accountable for your actions and dedicated to your profession. New members are mentored by PHEcs in the Interim Professional Home Economist (IPHE) program, MAHE’s pre-professional program that leads to the designation and Active Practising status.


Connect with other Home Economics professionals, associates and students.

Make and deepen connections with your fellow professionals, associates and students here and around the world. MAHE holds member events including an annual conference, World Home Economics Day celebration and regular meetings. MAHE is also a member of the International Federation for Home Economics and encourages participation at the global level.


We offer many ways to refine your professional skills and gain new ones.

Enjoy professional development opportunities with your fellow professionals, associates and students at MAHE sponsored conferences and programs. Receive regular News Digest emails with details on new publications and resources and learning events inside MAHE and among our many local, provincial, national and international partner organizations.


Share your expertise with the public and mentor new members.

Mentor a new member in the Interim Professional Home Economist (IPHE) program, MAHE’s pre-professional program that leads to the PHEc designation, and help build a strong future for the profession. Share your subject area expertise as a contributor to the site, MAHE’s resource for helping people live well in Canada.


Explore leadership roles on committees or the Board of Directors.

MAHE is always looking for members to take on the responsibility of leadership while enjoying the reward of watching your professional association grow and seeing a project or committee have success. There are position options for all classes of members, from Board of Directors to Committee Chair or member positions, with varying time commitments.


Students in a human ecology/home economics field of study join for free!

Students who are enrolled in a human ecology/home economics field of study, undergraduate or graduate, may join MAHE for free! Join to explore what becoming a Professional Home Economist will mean for you after graduation, make connections in the field and take advantage of free or discounted MAHE events and learning opportunities.

Member Feedback

“MAHE has helped me to stay current in the field of human ecology through interaction with other like-minded professionals.”

Karla Fehr, PHEc, Human Ecology teacher, W.C. Miller Collegiate, Border Land School Division, Altona, MB

“As a PHEc, I have more awareness of issues related to the profession and opportunities to work with like-minded people to address them.”

Leanne S, PHEc, Government

“Being a PHEc has been beneficial both personally and professionally. Personally, it has helped me build a community of friends and colleagues across the globe. Professionally, it adds value and credibility to my work with clients and helps distinguish me from others in the food world.”

Getty Stewart, PHEc, BEd, Freelance Home Economist at, helping home cooks become confident using whole, seasonal foods.