MAHE Code of Professional Conduct

Home economics is a profession dedicated to the purpose of improving the quality of people’s daily lives. It imposes upon its practitioners the responsibility of observing the standards of professional conduct.

It is the duty of the profession to make known and enforce such rules of conduct as will serve the best interest of the public and of the profession, and enhance the public esteem of the profession. For the furtherance of these aims, the home economist will observe the rules of professional conduct set out in this code in the spirit as well as in the letter.

  1. Integrity
    The home economist must discharge her duties to clients, employers, employees, members of the public and associates in the profession with integrity. Integrity comprises soundness of moral principle, especially in relation to truth and fair dealing, uprightness, honesty and sincerity.
  2. Competence & Quality of Service
    • The home economist will provide competent and responsible service on behalf of employers, clientele and the community.
    • The home economist will practice only in those fields of the home economics profession for which she is qualified.
  3. Confidential Information
    The home economist must regard as confidential and will not divulge other than to appropriate professionals, information entrusted to her by the client served.
  4. Conflict of Interest
    • The home economist will not act in a matter in which there is, or is likely to be, a conflict of interest.
    • The home economist who engages in another profession, business or occupation concurrently must not allow such outside interest to jeopardize professional integrity, independence or competence.
  5. The Profession & The Public
    The home economist will work towards the betterment of society by encouraging public respect for, and by trying to improve the quality of life of the individual, the family and the community.
  6. Fees
    The home economist will charge or accept a fair and reasonable remuneration for services provided.
  7. Responsibility to the Profession
    The home economist will assist in maintaining the integrity of the profession, will support local, provincial and national professional associations and participate in their activities to insure maintenance of a strong, independent and useful profession.
  8. Professional Growth
    The home economist will recognize as an obligation maintenance of personal professional competence and will seek continuous professional growth.
  9. Responsibility to Professionals
    The conduct of the home economist towards other professionals should be characterized by courtesy and good faith. The home economist should assist in the professional growth of colleagues through the sharing of ideas and information.
  10. Practice by Unauthorized Persons
    The home economist will assist in preventing unauthorized persons from practicing home economics, in order to protect the public.

The feminine gender includes the masculine, and the masculine includes the feminine.

Manitoba Association of Home Economists
Adopted 1983-1984