The Association has membership types for everyone in the field, from Student to experienced practitioner, including those who work in related fields but may not meet the criteria for other member types. Everyone who joins the Association is required to submit a membership application, pay dues (except for Student members), and provide the required supporting documentation. All MAHE membership applications are subject to approval by the Admissions Committee. All classes of membership are required to renew annually.

Graduates of home economics/human ecology or related fields normally join as an IPHE/Interim Professional Home Economist and enter the related IPHE program. This is MAHE’s pre-professional program, which, upon successful completion, leads to the Professional Home Economist (PHEc) designation. The only cost to participate in the IPHE program is your paid membership. More information about the IPHE program can be found here..

How Do I Join?

  1. Determine your class/type of membership by reviewing the Member Types page. Note that all applications are reviewed and we reserve the right to change your membership type if we feel it is necessary. New applicants normally join MAHE as IPHE/Interim Professional Home Economists (as graduates) or as Students (as those still in a home economics/human ecology related field of study, undergraduate or graduate level). If you are reapplying for admission as a previous Active Practising member, please see below for details.
  2. Complete the online application form.
  3. Pay your applicable dues, based on the class/type of membership and your current hours of work; those working 10 or fewer hours per week are eligible for Reduced Dues. New graduates within the first year of graduation are eligible for Reduced Dues memberships as well.
  4. For new Interim Professional Home Economist/IPHE members or Active Practising members, please provide by email or mail:
    • Proof of graduation – copy/photo of your degree certificate(s) or transcript. A transcript may be required in some cases to evaluate equivalent degrees,
    • Current resume, showing any related professional development for the past 3-5 years (less for new graduates) and memberships in related organizations, if any, and
    • Legal name change documentation if your name is different than that on your degree or transcript.
  5. New Affiliate member applicants are asked to submit a comprehensive resume and detailed cover letter explaining your interest in becoming an Affiliate member. Please contact the MAHE office for details and eligibility requirements.
  6. New Student member applicants must provide their current university, program name and expected date of graduation, as well as that of any previous university degrees. Memberships are free as long as you remain a student, with renewal required annually.
  7. Readmission: If you were previously an Active Practising member, please apply as an IPHE/Interim Professional Home Economist (see above for documents required) and your readmission will be evaluated based on the eligibility criteria for membership at that time.
  8. If you are transferring your professional status from another province, please contact the MAHE office for details on how to apply. Members transferring to MAHE from other Home Economics/Human Ecology associations are charged an administration fee of $25.00; in some cases, membership dues may be required at the time of transfer.
  9. New and renewing members may add on membership with the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE), the organization representing home economists/human ecologists at a global level. Special student priced IFHE membership is also available.

Once your application, all required documentation and dues are received, it will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and you will be advised of their decision, typically in 7-10 days.

Full details about dues, membership classes, transfers, professional certificates, and other information can be found in the Dues – General Information – Policies document.

Fees for Completion of Forms for Other Regulators

MAHE charges fees for completing verification of registration and licensure or similar forms that are required by other regulators. Payment must be submitted along with the regulator’s form; it is your responsibility to determine if the other regulator allows for scanned/electronic forms sent by email or if they must be original and sent by mail. Please contact the MAHE office to arrange payment. The fee covers the administrative costs of completing the forms. If the other regulator requires you to be/have been a Registered member in order to have their verification of registration/licensure form completed, this means that you must be a Professional Home Economist/PHEc at the time of application or have been one during your previous membership with the Association. Please note these fees do not apply to membership transfers between provincial associations (OHEA, AHEA, NBHEA).